ecommerce training 2021

Begining from July 20-22, 2021
in Berlin, Germany and Online

About training

Are you interested in the world of ecommerce?
Learn how to work with open-source platform Magento2.

The training consists of 5 workshops and 2 lectures. From a general introduction to the details of administration, you will learn how to innovate, how to think creatively, how to build a functional prototype and also how to effectively manage testing or various optimizations. The training is suitable for programmers and IT agencies. Each participant will receive a learntomagento graduate certificate.

Professional Magento 2 e-shop for ecommerce

Magento2 is one of the most famous e-shop systems in the world. Learn how to work with Magento2 and don’t be limited by small systems without the necessary modules. In Magento2, you get the features and automation you’ve only dreamed of until now.


Berlin (Germany)
Online (Zoom)


20 - 22, July 2021
27 - 29, July 2021
3 - 5, August 2021
10 - 12, August 2021
17 - 19, August 2021


Each day
from 9:00 to 17:00


3 days
24 hours of lessons
3 types of pricing

5 Workshops
2 lectures

a meeting where you as a whole group will participate in activities and discussions led by an experienced mentor/speaker – it's an interactive form of education, where you really try, test and design – you learn and improve your skills


The number of training places is limited so the workshop mentor can really pay attention to each of you, so there will definitely be no shortage of feedback and advice.

Features of Magento2

Adjustable design


Responsive design

High performance

Report on
the fly


Great media

Simple and


More than 10 million e-shops already work on Magento2


Get a basic knowledges
  • Installation of Magento2 system + GIT
  • Administration of products, parameters, attributes and filtering
  • Product crossell, upsell and recommended products
  • Product rules of pricing (discounts, customer groups)
  • Graphic Design (UX/UI)
  • Import and export of products in CSV


If you need more info
  • Installation of Magento2 system + GIT
  • Graphic Design (UX/UI)
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Import and export of products in CSV
  • Rich snippet – structured data
  • Customer reviews on products
  • Management of orders, refunds and invoices for the order
  • Export of orders for courier
  • FB pixel tracking and Facebook feed export


Business package + additional topics
  • Loyalty and gift system
  • ERP connection (connection of products, orders, warehouse, prices)
  • Cookies + GDPR
  • Google enhanced ecommerce tracking
  • Link newsletter to Mailchimp
  • Automatic testing
  • Speed optimization
  • Server hosting administration


Yasir Latif

Software Engineer / Tech Lead at Durstexpress KG

Yasir is a multidisciplinary engineer with a big passion for magento. He’s a big open-source advocate and spends most of his free time exploring the human side of technology.

Yasir has been professionally engaged in the Internet and the Web since 2000.

Full profile of Yasir (.pdf, 41,6kB)

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